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Experience the Dollfie Dream

Collectible toys are a perfect way to hold on to the memories of influential movies or shows. The Dollfie Dream reflects just that. With attention to style and detail the Dollfie Dream Dolls are not just perfect symbols of a great story line, but a huge statement in the doll world. Before these designs, dolls were not portrayed well with human body shape and now the new design has helped the popularity of the doll–that and the quality custom clothing from the series. The collectible feature of the well constructed toys has lead many to experience the characters and there relatable personalities. Let’s take a deeper look into why this doll has become so popular through the product line.

The unique character line boasts colorful personalities with matching outfits. A popular new product that has seemed to fly off the shelves is known as Snow Miku. The doll boasts bright blue tones and expresses the cold wintry season with two tone blue hair. She is meant to be a diva who embraces technology and brings light to the beautiful winter cold. She wears a futuristic outfit designed by Serika Misaki. To enhance facial features and bring more cuteness to this electrifying diva’s stride, the eyes were enhanced to be, well, eye catching. The doll comes with all accessories, including headset, wig, and scarf. Right now it seems to be unavailable due to high popularity, so keep up to date with new stock here:

Dollfire Dream Snow Miku

Another well admired character is the beautiful Asuna. She wields a sword, yet is dressed in a delicate dress with matching accessories. Volks Design Department has created a great design that stays true to the actual cartoon character. Of course, some new design may go into the outfit to create a complete masterpiece. The colors of the outfit are spot on, red and white, and customers can expect an almost identical doll of the actual cartoon character. Many look up to Asuna for her sword handiness. She is the sub-leader of Knights of Blood for a reason. To check her out, visit this link here:

dollfire dream asuna

If you need the original design of a character, you should get to know Sheryl. She is basically a pop star of the galaxy and has an amazing song to share. She wears the dress from her very popular song among fans called Lion. The style is so unique and funky. This can easily reflect you if you are a bit on the wild side and love her song. Her body shape is better accentuated through a beautiful corset, and she stylishly wears a sock that is to her ankle while the other is pulled over the knee. You should enjoy her mostly because she wears the exact replicated outfit she wore for that song. Old and new fans alike can purchase here:

dollfire dream Sheryl

There are multiple outfits you can dress your beautiful dolls in from real characters. You can cherish these items, but they sell fast so it’s wise to order while you can. Take advantage of these well produced products the Dollfie Dream Dolls have to offer.

4 Awesome Bunny Dolls That Every Doll Collector Will Surely Love

Bunny dolls have always been a favorite toy among both children and adults. Furthermore, if you are a doll collector, your collection won’t be complete if you don’t have a bunny or two in it. The biggest reason why bunny dolls are very popular is because of their aesthetic qualities. They are cute, fluffy, and easy on the eyes. Thus they are hard to resist. And of course, bunny dolls are often considered as a symbol of love. This is why they are often given as gifts during Valentines Day and anniversaries. If you are looking for a good-looking bunny doll, let the recommendations below serve as your guide.

The Melissa And Doug Princess Plush Burrow Bunny

The Melissa And Doug Princess Plush Burrow Bunny

There’s something very irresistible about this fluffy bunny that has big floppy ears, over-sized feet and long soft fur. Its silky fur is colored ivory with shades of brown and pink which gives the toy an even cuter look. This doll is much larger than an actual bunny which means you can cuddle it and feel the warmth of its fur. Its also made from durable materials so it can last very long if it’s well taken cared of. Unlike other plush toys, the eyes are sewn into the fabric which means they won’t come off easily. The body is filled with beans which gives the toy a sturdy but soft and cuddly body.

The Countryside Bunny Rabbit

The Countryside Bunny Rabbit

If you are looking for something quite unconventional, this doll is highly recommended. The most interesting feature of this doll is its unique and stylish design which was inspired by Japanese pop art. There are the big bright eyes, the upright ears, and the round arms and legs. It’s very different from other bunny dolls which makes it a must-have for people who love bunnies. The doll measures nearly have a meter long which means it’s quite big. Children can use it as pillows or as bedtime companions. It’s made from cotton so it’s very soft.

The Annalee Bunny With Butterfly

This bunny is also quite unconventional but it’s very artistic and well-designed. It comes with a body wrapped in white cloth and a head topped with white soft fur. It has long pink ears. The most interesting part of this bunny doll is the detailed face which was painted in shades of pink, blue, red, and black. And then of course, there’s the cute butterfly anchored on the bunny’s nose. Annalee dolls are collectible items which gives this cute doll an extra appeal. They have a unique look that is reminiscent of classic cartoons from decades ago. In fact, if you look at Annalee dolls, you can clearly see the resemblance with the iconic cartoon character Bugs Bunny.

The Aurora Bitty Rabbit Bunny Beanbag


If you want a bunny doll that’s a bit more realistic, this Aurora Bunny would be perfect for you. It comes with a golden brown fur that gives the doll a magnificent and eye-catching look. With big ears, big bright eyes, and soft brown fur, this is a lovable doll that children and even adults will surely adore. It’s filled with double-bagged beans which means it’s very safe even for very little children. Young kids will love sleeping and cuddling with this doll at night.